Our Eva foam, semi-rigid rubber mats feature a diamond traction slip resistant surface stud coin base and extends softness, cushioned comfort.  The mats are 1830mm x 1220mm x 34mm thick providing a semi-rigid base which is innovatively designed with orthopeadic therapeutic anti-fatigue properties.


  • Importantly being cushioned flooring it protects the dog feet & pads and provides slip resistance.
  • They will never go hard or collapse as they have a memory re closed cell technology.
  • The matting is 100% impermeable non-porous & urine resistant & bacteria cannot breed in the mats plus so easy to clean.
  • The matting is non-toxic odourless & has shock absorbing & acoustic sound attenuating properties.
  • The matting is quick & easy to install with 4 puzzle interlocking edges and once interlocked acts as a single mat.
  • Cushioned flooring has shown to assist the dogs musculoskeletal body EG feet, legs muscles nerves etc assisting protection against injuries at play.

End Usage:   Doggy Day Care Centres, Gym Fitness & Cross-fit facilities, Education Facilities Gyms, Age Care Gyms, Football, Soccer Rugby Club Gyms, Changing & Locker Rooms.