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Vinyl Plank and Tiles 

Vinyl Planks And Tiles For A Fraction Of The Cost

This stunning range gives you a perfect reproduction of natural oak, blackbutt and spotted gum recreated in your office or home for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. The natural design is printed in high resolution onto vinyl, and unlike real timber, it won’t fade.

The high resolution printing used for our modular flooring ensures it has a premium style, without the premium price tag. Choose the natural timber or stone look that you have always wanted, and yet get all the benefits of modern modular flooring

Modular Flooring – No More Creaky Timber Floorboards

With a generous 5 mm thickness, not only do our modular planks provide comfort, but they also display exceptional acoustic properties. Stable and secure, with a layer of fibreglass reinforcement and an additional 2mm sound barrier backing, the SmartDrop Acoustic range displays even better noise reduction properties than the rest of the modular range, making it an excellent choice for multi-level dwellings or apartment living.

This innovative flooring solution gets its name from the way it simply ‘drops’ into place, making installation a straightforward process, and meaning you can begin to enjoy your new floors sooner.

Our Modular Flooring adds Warmth and Character to Any Room

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the stunning appearance of stone flooring without the energy-draining chill of traditional stone flooring? Our Cushionstone modular flooring will transform any room, lending it both a warm and inviting look, whilst also being warm and soft underfoot.

Stone flooring can be hard, cold, and noisy – not the ideal flooring for the family home. Kenbrock’s Cushionwood range gives you the beautifully warm and inviting appearance of sandstone, or a style that looks cool on a summer’s day, such as our Trevi Fontana.

Whatever your preferred style is, you can find a look that you’ll love, and never have to worry about cold floors draining the heat out of your home in winter, or retaining too much warmth in summer.

Vinyl Plank Range


Vinyl Planks

Cushionwood XL

$40.50 per m²